How is this website made?

I made this site using:

  • Hugo - a static site generator that converts my markdown source files into this website.
  • Learn - a theme for Hugo which provides this sweet design and other functions.
  • Typora - for actually typing up all of the content you see here in markdown.
  • Netlify - which hosts this site (and so many others) for free!
  • And Visual Studio Code for some theme and Hugo source files editing.

The process is pretty simple:

  • For every page I'd like, I write down a markdown file in Typora.
  • Then I run the Hugo executable to compile the new markdown files into web pages.
  • Then I just commit my static files to my GitHub repo, which Netlify automatically deploys to my website.

Pretty sweet, huh? I think so too. And it's free! And secure!