DonkeyCar installation: Host PC

Let's install the Donkey software on your host PC. The only part where this differs between the three platforms, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows, is in the Miniconda software installation, so we'll get that out of the way first.

Mac OS X


  • Download and install:
  • Open an Anaconda Prompt via Start Menu and follow the rest of the tutorial


The rest of the tutorial:

  • Go to a place where you want the stuff we'll be working on to be.

    # e.g. on Linux or Mac
    cd ~
    # e.g. on Windows
    cd c:\\Users\\yourUsername
  • Make a folder for your projects and cd to it:

    mkdir projects
    cd projects
  • Clone the Donkey repository using git:

    git clone
    cd donkeycar
    git checkout master
  • Create the Python Anaconda environment using the yml file from the repository:

    # Windows
    conda env create -f install\envs\windows.yml
    # Mac
    conda env create -f install\envs\mac.yml
    # Linux/Ubuntu
    conda env create -f install\envs\ubuntu.yml
    # All three OS's
    conda activate donkey
    pip install -e .[pc]
If you're not using a host PC with a GPU, you're done!

If you're using a NVidia GPU and not using a Mac (sorry, no TensorFlow GPU support for you folks):